About Dr. Plecha

Dr. Plecha is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist with 23 years of experience practicing ophthalmology in Reno.  Growing up in an Air Force family, he lived in many different places as a child, but spent his later school years in Dayton, Ohio.

lasik surgery, corneal tissue, corrective eye surgeryAfter graduating from Wayne High School, he received a Congressional appointment to attend the United States Air Force Academy.  Dr. Plecha graduated from the Academy in June of 1971 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

Following commissioning as an Air Force officer he attended UCLA under Air Force sponsorship, being awarded a Master of Arts degree in Economics in 1972.

Dr. Plecha then served as a staff officer in Florida and Virginia before returning to the civilian world, taking a position in the buying department at the Proctor & Gamble Company in Cincinnati, Ohio.  During his time with P & G, he attended night school at the University of Cincinnati to complete the prerequisites for medical school.

Dr. Plecha attended Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, receiving his MD degree in 1982.

Following graduation from medical school, Dr. Plecha completed a one-year internship in general surgery at the VAMC Reno, in the process falling in love with the Reno area.

eye diseases, vision impairment, vision impairments, eye physicianUpon completion of his ophthalmology residency at Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, Dr. Plecha returned to Reno and became a partner in Sierra Eye Associates, practicing with that group for 23 years.

In July of 2010, Dr. Plecha elected to establish a solo practice in South Reno, bringing several long-time employees with him.

Dr. Plecha has been married to the former Marla Mort of Fallon since 2000.  They have two young children, a daughter Delaney Joanne and a son, Stanley L. (Stashu), III.

A licensed pilot since 1949, Dr. Plecha enjoys flying his small plane around the country for both business and pleasure.  Dr. Plecha's free time is spent playing golf, bowling and trying to keep up with his kids.

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